Saturday, 14 December 2013

What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Is there a particular movie you just have to watch at Christmas?  Perhaps it's a perennial classic like The Wizard of Oz or White Christmas or A Miracle on 34th Street or A Christmas Carol.  Or maybe you prefer more recent fare like Home Alone, Love Actually, The Polar Express or Elf.

My go-to movie to get me in the Christmas spirit is, aptly, a ghost story: The Amazing Mr Blunden.  I first saw this when I was at junior school - it was such a treat to gather in the assembly hall and watch a film instead of doing schoolwork!

A Salvation Army band plays God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman whilst a white-haired man in a top hat and cape walks through a street market as snow falls around him.  He visits a widow and her children to tell them about a job as caretakers of a derelict, partly fire damaged country mansion.  Whilst the mother is out of the room, the man asks Jamie and Lucy if they'd be afraid if they saw a ghost...

Two children were killed in a fire at the mansion one hundred years ago and Mr Blunden wants Jamie and Lucy's help in making amends for that fateful night.

I love, love, love this film.  The cast are perfect, the setting is so atmospheric and the incidental music totally adds to the mood of each scene.

Incidentally, the film is based on a book (see, it's not just recent books like Harry Potter or Twilight that have made it to the big screen).  The Ghosts is by Antonia Barber, and I managed to track down my very own copy of couple of years ago.

What's your favourite movie to watch at Christmas?