Saturday, 25 March 2017

Quest to visit a Crime Scene House

Earlier this month, some colleagues and I had the opportunity to visit a simulated crime scene. We were given a short briefing before being sent to various rooms in this specially modified house to find evidence and put together a case for what had happened.

Armed with our latex gloves, camera and kit bag, we investigated a burglary that had ended with the home owner being stabbed. Door handles were dusted for fingerprints, stains were tested for traces of blood, photographs were taken, and evidence was bagged.

The home owner had come home after a few pints at his local and disturbed the burglar. Piece by piece - from clues we gathered at the scene - the story emerged of a woman who was unhappy that her ex-partner had now found love elsewhere. She'd come to the house, knowing he was out, so she could reclaim some items, and that was when she discovered the clothes and shoes of her rival in the wardrobe. The man returned home early, a tussle had ensued, and the man had been stabbed.

It was a fascinating morning and gave me a good taste of what a forensic expert would experience when investigating a crime.