Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Writer's Voice 2014 (Part One)

Image used with permission
I can't believe it's been a year since I participated in The Writer's Voice, hosted by Brenda Drake, etc. The contest has returned and, whilst I didn't make it into the next stage, I had so much fun keeping people updated with stats last year that I'm going to do it again this year. It's also a year since I first joined Twitter - #TheWVoice people were having a whale of a time so I plunged in and signed up.

If you've made it through the Rafflecopter lottery and are one of the lucky 159 people in this round, I'll (hopefully!) have subscribed to your post so I can keep track when one of the coaches says she wants you on her team. I'm also trying to capture your Twitter handles (those I haven't already connected with), so if you can put a comment below with your details I'll be very grateful. Thanks!

Okay, off to update my spreadsheet now. Good luck to all the entrants!

P.S. I'm hoping to add updates here (as well as on Twitter), so stay tuned.

ETA: STATS! (If you haven't put YA or MG in your title, I'm assuming it's Adult.)

159 entries: Adult - 45; YA - 83; MG - 31 (6 Upper).

Adult Contemporary Romance - 5 (1 with paranormal elements)
Adult Fantasy - 7 (1 epic, & 1 with historical elements)
Adult Historical - 6 (1 with fantasy elements, & 1 literary)
Adult Historical Fantasy - 2
Adult Historical Romance - 1
Adult Paranormal Romance - 3
Adult Romance - 4
Adult Romantic Suspense - 1
Adult SF - 6
Adult SF Romance - 1
Adult SF Thriller - 1
Adult SF/Fantasy - 1
Adult SF/Political - 1
Adult SF/Steampunk - 1
Adult Spec Romance - 1
Adult Thriller with SF elements - 1
Adult Urban Fantasy - 2
Adult Western - 1

YA - 3
YA Coming of Age - 1
YA Contemporary - 14 (1 LGBT, & 1 dark)
YA Contemporary Fantasy - 4
YA Contemporary/Magical Realism - 1
YA Dystopian - 1
YA Fantasy - 24 (1 epic, 1 low, 1 with SF elements, & 2 historical)
YA Gothic Romance - 1
YA Historical - 1
YA Horror - 1
YA Light Romance - 1
YA Lite SF Fairytale Retelling - 1
YA Magical Realism - 2
YA Noir - 1
YA Paranormal - 3 (1 fantasy, 1 romance, & 1 suspense)
YA Road Trip - 1
YA SF - 15 (1 romance)
YA Social Science - 1
YA Spec Fiction - 1
YA Thriller - 2 (1 spec)
YA Urban Fantasy - 3
YA Western Fantasy - 1

MG - 2
MG Adventure - 2 (1 with light SF)
MG Coming of Age - 1
MG Contemporary - 3
MG Contemporary Fantasy - 3
MG Fairytale Retelling - 1
MG Fantasy - 7 (1 fantasy adventure)
MG Historical - 1
MG Humorous - 1
MG Magical Realism - 2
MG SF - 1
MG Supernatural - 1
Upper MG Contemporary LGBT - 1
Upper MG Fantasy - 3
Upper MG Paranormal - 1
Upper MG SF - 1


  1. Thanks for the good luck wish! I'm @summywins on Twitter. :)

  2. Thanks - I've just found you over there. :o)

  3. That is super nice of you!

    Sorry you didn't get picked :( That randomness of Rafflecopter was a little scary. @appifanie

    1. Thanks, Sarah. :o) (Btw, is your title 'This is it' or 'Leaning towards optimism' cos your blog entry has both down.)

  4. Thanks for the good wishes - I'm @laurelwanrow # 98 :)

  5. Wow. Thanks for all the hard work! I'm @amyelainemills on Twitter (entry #7)...Guess I should add my Twitter to my blog post.

  6. Love that you're keeping track of stats! I'm @rebobinar :) And #116

  7. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes! They're greatly appreciated! You can find me on twitter @lisaorchard1 :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I've got you on my spreadsheet now. :o)

  8. Hi Annette, thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry you didn't make it this year :( This is my first year trying it. My twitter is @mbonatch

    1. Ooh, have fun with the contest. Make sure you check out #TheWVoice on Twitter.

  9. You're going to keep stats? Why do I feel a betting pool coming on? Maybe some play by play? "Those adverbs really hurt him, there, Tommy." "Yes they did. Let's go to the videotape!" :) That's both wonderful of you and scary at the same time. Thank you for the well wishes. You can find more of me being silly @williebee.

    1. Are you also on AW? I think I've seen your williebee name over there.

  10. Wow, thanks so much for doing this ;) It's always fascinating to see the breakdown.

  11. You are the best! Like a cheerleader / mathlete! Thank you! I'm @SuperKate.

  12. I love seeing the stats (though I hate seeing that I'm in the biggest single group YA fantasy... sigh). I'm @RenaTheWriter

    1. Entry #17, right? YA Fantasy is the best! :oD

  13. I added my Twitter @ later but I don't know if you saw it. Thanks for the well wishes on my blog. I'm @Laycrew on Twitter for entry 28

  14. Really cool seeing the stats broken down. Thanks for doing this!

  15. I love stats! Thanks for taking this on. I look forward to seeing the results! I'm @susanjbickford #89.

    1. Yes, I have you on my spreadsheet - thanks!

  16. Echoing all the others with THANK YOU for all the support and hard work putting together these stats. Just fascinating to see it all in aggregate like this.
    Here's hoping Rafflecopter finds you next year!!!
    I'm the MG Adventure with light Sci Fi touch - Widget #27 @HeatherMC66 on Twitter. See you on the hashtag!!

  17. Thank you for the good luck!! I'm @jessicastadler on Twitter :)

    1. I didn't have you, so thanks for the info! :o)

  18. Thank you for the good luck! I'm @amberafterglow #34

  19. Like I said before, you're amazing! Especially how fast you did this! Thanks!

    1. Lol, it took waaaay longer than I thought it would (so those coaches will be busy for days yet, just selecting their top picks!).

  20. How cool that you take the time for this as an observer. Its nice to be able to see it so clearly, even if the variety for the genres amazed me. Thanks a bunch for the effort. @JerrieBrock Entry number 103

  21. Thanks, Jerrie (I didn't have your Twitter details already). :o)

  22. Seriously an amazing job! Thank you!

  23. Thanks so much for doing this! Makes me happy to see that I'm not the only western on the list. :D

    1. Yes, perhaps you're both at the beginning of the latest trend. :o)

  24. Thank you so much for the stats! I'm the lone road-tripper. :)
    I followed you on Twitter this morning, so you should be able to find me, but I am @Niki_Moss.

  25. This is awesome Annette! Thanks so much :) I'm @JuliaKeanini on twitter