Saturday, 11 August 2012

Quest for Olympic Gold

My niece and nephew proudly displaying their medals

The London 2012 Olympics are nearly over, and Team GB have been doing the nation proud.  Currently, we have 26 Gold medals, 15 Silver and 17 Bronze, making this our most successful Olympics for over 100 years.

I'm not a sporty person, but even I've been watching some of the events (and who knew there were so many of them?!).  I've caught gymnastics, cycling, diving, dressage, athletics, hockey, tennis (yay, Andy Murray!), and canoeing.  One thing that gets mentioned when the medallists are interviewed afterwards is the sheer sacrifice they've made to get to that winners' podium - all the hours spent in training, the setbacks and disappointments, the focus and determination, the injuries.  It's not easy to pursue your dream, and sometimes you wonder whether it'll be worth it.  Not everyone will win Gold, but you have to train, believing that it's possible.  Keep the goal or finishing line in sight, and run towards it with everything you've got.

The Olympics have inspired me.  (No, don't die of shock - I'm not about to take up a sport!)  I'm likening writing to going for Olympic Gold.  The hours I've spent pursuing my dream - crafting and polishing, suffering setbacks and disappointments - I wonder whether it will ever be worth it.  But you know what?  I love to write, and that gives its own reward.  Even if I may never achieve my Olympic Gold, I must keep the goal in sight and pursue it with my whole heart.  And Silver's not so shabby, right?  ;o)

Yeah, I know quad biking isn't an Olympic sport, but maybe it should be, huh?

Do you have any goals to achieve?  Are you willing to put in the hours and sacrifice necessary to achieve them?