Annette T. Dodd is a:
  • Young Adult author;
  • Chocoholic resident of Bristol, England;
  • Future Queen (of Narnia - it says so on her keyring);
  • Quest Seeker (after all, what YA fantasy writer doesn't want to go on a quest?).

Photo: Jill Rye

The joy of a good library crawl is in Annette's blood, and her personal best is seven libraries in one day. She aspires to see her own books on library shelves and in shops one day, which she hopes will match the buzz she's had when seeing her plays performed by her local drama group. Currently, she lets her imagination soar on her walk to work, where she temps as an administrator at a university.

She was once a runner-up in the Just Seventeen and Penguin Books’ Short Story Competition, and was praised for her originality and ingenuity by judge and esteemed author Joan Lingard:

Since then, she has written several plays for her local drama group (Cinderella 2: the Ugly Sisters Strike Back; Bittersweet Times; and Beauty and the Beast, to name but three) which have been profitably performed.

Cinderella 2: the Ugly Sisters Strike Back

Bittersweet Times

Beauty and the Beast

Annette is now returning to her first love of writing young adult fantasy.