Saturday, 21 January 2017

How many books did I read in 2016?

Napier Public Library (NZ)
Reading-wise, last year wasn't as impressive as the previous two years, but library-wise I doubt I'll ever top it. I read a respectable 108 books, so just over two a week. Not bad. Forty-seven books were borrowed from libraries, and I read sixty-one from my own collection (which included five beta reads and seven e-books). I'm hoping to read roughly the same number of books again this year.

I borrowed books from twelve different libraries, adding two new libraries to my collection - one of which was in ... Australia! Yes, I went to the Land Down Under last year, visiting my sister and her family. She's a member of her local library, so I was able to borrow some books under her card whilst I was there - yay!

Queenstown Library (NZ)
As for libraries I visited, but couldn't borrow books from because I was there briefly/wasn't a member? This is where it gets more impressive. Okay, so Seaton and Colyton in Devon aren't as far-flung as Australia, but they still count. So that's another two libraries. Then there's another library in Perth I visited with my sister, but couldn't borrow books from as there's no inter-library agreement (shame). Also in Australia were visits to Melbourne City Library and the Public Library of New South Wales in Sydney.

Additional excitement came when I visited New Zealand whilst in that part of the world. I was on an organised tour of the two islands and thought it would be a good quest to see how many libraries I could come across in my travels. I visited a whopping ten libraries there.

Yes, my worldwide library crawl is gaining momentum! Epic!

Here are some more pics of the new libraries in my collection - enjoy.  :o)

Duncraig Library, Perth (Australia)

Karrinyup Public Library, Perth (Australia)

Public Library of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)

Melbourne City Library (Australia)

Central Library Peterborough, Christchurch (NZ)

Dunedin City Library (NZ)

Geraldine Library (NZ)

Greytown District Trust Lands Library (NZ)

Oamaru Public Library (NZ)

Rotorua Library (NZ)

Taupo Public Library (NZ)
Williams House Public Library, Paihia (NZ)