Saturday, 21 June 2014

Quest to finish my WIP this month (Part 1)

I don't often (read: hardly ever. Read: probably not at all) write about my writing journey on here. Where I am in the process. What I'm working on. How it's been a longer journey than anticipated (but all the detours have been so helpful).

At the moment I'm working on another YA Fantasy which I started last July. It's set in the same world as my other manuscript, but about 25 years before, and features some of the same characters (but younger versions of them, obviously!). Prior to that, I'd been attempting to plot another standalone book in the same world, but it just wasn't gelling so I switched to my current WIP. Due to health problems (I was quite anaemic) I didn't have much energy to write and only managed 738 words in the whole of July. I didn't pick up my keyboard again until October, whereupon I wrote 2386 words - progress! I knuckled down seriously in December (my anaemia was gone and I had much more energy) and started my first draft properly. By mid-April I'd completed it with a wordcount of 83k - not too shabby, eh? Since then (and with a bit of a time-out for an operation) I've been polishing my WIP and am currently about three-fifths of the way through. My goal for the last month or so has been to finish polishing by the end of June - I want to be able to say it took me a year to go from first conceiving the idea to having a beta-ready manuscript (plus it helps keep me motivated).

Time to crack on! (I'll report my progress next month.)

How about you? Do you set yourself writing goals/track your progress?