Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Season of mists...

...and mellow fruitfulness.

I love autumn. The colours of the leaves. The slight nip in the air. The early morning mist across the fields. For some reason, I always feel more inspired to write during this time. I guess it's the thought of snuggling up in the warm, my trusty laptop at hand, heading off into the unknown through the creative power of words.

Spook-tastic scenery!

My fingers a-tingle, longing to send another heroine out into the realm on an awesome quest. Magic and princes and danger and love will dance across the pages with her. Who knows where it will end?  (Actually, I know.  Now, I just have to figure out the beginning and the middle.  Oh, and I guess figuring out all the characters, too, wouldn't go amiss, eh? ;o) )

Is one season more inspiring for you than another?