Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow day!

The whole country is blanketed in white today.  Trudged all the way into work (took an hour and five minutes to cover approx. 4 miles) only to find they'd shut the place (& had since updated the out-of-office message from when I'd checked earlier, letting people know).

Still, I took some lovely pics on the walk, and I'd always wondered how long it would take me to walk to work anyway, so now I know!

I took a more leisurely walk back home (stopping off at the shops to stock up, so I don't need to go shopping tomorrow now), and flaked out when I got home.  Methinks my legs will be protesting tomorrow!

Quite a few people had their sledges out on the hills, and there were few cars on the road (several were having difficulties as I was walking to work, so I was glad I hadn't driven).

I saw a postman out on his deliveries, wearing knee-length shorts (mad fool!), and council workers were out gritting some of the pavements.  I thought most schools would be closed, but there was an infant school I passed which had children out playing in the schoolyard.
Roll on more snow days next week!

Did you have a snow day today, or did you have to make the trek to work/school/wherever?


  1. Just dropping by from the WriteOnCon Forum! Love your photos. I recently moved to Australia and am missing the snow =/

    Also, I want to be a Future Queen of Narnia! Where can I get one of those keyrings??

  2. Hi Carissa,

    If I remember rightly, I bought it at a Christian bookstore when I was visiting Virginia, America on holiday several years ago (I think the second film had come out by then).

    And speaking of Narnia, the pic at the top reminds me of the lantern in the snowy woods when Lucy first comes through the wardrobe. :o)

  3. Oh wow, it totally does! Aren't lanterns in the snow just so magical?